TELEPHONE: 0372 - 661 282

The Department of Neurology is situated on the 5th floor of the main building on Dr. Dénes László Street, no. 2 and it has 40 beds in its structure. 


The activity of the department is lead by:

Dr. INCZE EMESE - neurologist, chief of department

FERENCZ ILDIKÓ - chief nurse


The list of doctors working at the department:

Dr. Incze Emese - neurologist, chief of department

Dr. Dabóczi Mátyás-János - neurologist

Dr. Dobos Gyöngyvér - neurologist

Dr. Gál Réka - neurologist

Dr. Ruff Ecaterina-Delia - neurologist

Dr. Fábián Sarolta - resident in 4th year

Dr. Kertész Ibolya Zseni - resident in 4th year

Dr. Csíki Éva-Klára - neurologist

Dr. Gothárd Anita - neurologist

Dr. Zagrai-Negulescu Maria-Ramona - neurologist

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