TELEPHONE: 0372 - 661 134

The Department of General Surgery is situated on the 2nd floor of the main building on Dr. Dénes László Street, no. 2, and it has 60 beds in its structure. 


The activity of the department is lead by: 

Dr. LÁSZLÓ BARNA - general surgeon, chief of department



The list of doctors working at the department:

Dr. László Barna - general surgeon, chief of department

Dr. Jankó Sándor - general surgeon

Dr. Lőkös Barna Csaba - general surgeon

Dr. Cetină Ioan - general surgeon

Dr. Conțiu Lucian - general surgeon

Dr. Jankó Botond - plastic surgeon

Dr. Simon Alpár-Ferenc - pediatric surgeon

Dr. Székely Csaba - general surgeon


The list of doctors working at the Division of Thoracic Surgery: 

Dr. Dobrică Adrian-Cristian - thoracic surgeon