TELEPHONE: 0372 - 661 158

The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care is situated on the 2nd floor of the main building on Dr. Dénes László Street, no. 2 and it has 15 beds in its structure, whereof 9 beds are reserved for the Division of Toxicology.


The activity of the department is lead by:

Dr. BARTHA ISTVÁN - anesthesiologist and intensivist, chief of department

ANTAL KINGA - chief nurse


The list of doctors working at the department:

Dr. Bartha István - anesthesiologist and intensivist, chief of department

Dr. Györfi György - anesthesiologist and intensivist

Dr. Györfi Sándor - anesthesiologist and intensivist

Dr. Hlavathy Katalin - anesthesiologist and intensivist

Dr. Stekbauer Kincső Csilla - anesthesiologist and intensivist

Dr. Szabó-András Laura - anesthesiologist and intensivist 

Dr. Szebeni Hunor - anesthesiologist and intensivist