TELEPHONE: 0372 – 661 130 / 324 193 - int. 536 (treatment room), 534 (doctors' room)

The Department of Cardiology is situated on the 3rd floor of the main building on Dr. Dénes László Street, no. 2 and it has 54 beds in its structure, whereof 8 beds are reserved for the Coronary Care Unit.


The activity of the department is lead by:

Dr. BALOGH CSABA-ISTVÁN - cardiologist, chief of department

BUJOR ERZSÉBET - chief nurse


The list of doctors working at the department: 

Dr. Balogh Csaba-István - cardiologist, chief of department

Dr. Bakcsi Ferenc - cardiologist

Dr. Holló Katalin - cardiologist

Dr. Jakó Beáta-Ilona - cardiologist

Dr. Korodi Szilamér - cardiologist

Dr. László Szidónia - cardiologist

Dr. Szakács Emőke - cardiologist

Dr. Szakács Oszkár-Balázs - cardiologist

Dr. Rápolti Emese - cardiologist