TELEPHONE: 0372 - 753 144

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneology is situated on Szász Endre Street, no. 5 and it has 30 beds in its structure, whereof 10 beds are reserved for the Division of Reumatology.


The activity of the department is lead by:

Dr. HOMPOTH TIMEA - balneo-physiotherapist, chief of department

AMZA ÉVA - chief nurse


The list of doctors working at the department:

Dr. Hompoth Timea - balneo-physiotherapist, chief of department

Dr. Erőss Mária - balneo-physiotherapist

Dr. Szilágyi Erzsébet - balneo-physiotherapist

Dr. Györfi Ágota - reumatologist

Dr. Hajducsi Beáta - resident in 4th year